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        Business Model:ODM/JDM/OEM Service

        The company insists on; Goals, Results, Collaboration, and Progress; Our business philosophy focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of network devices and automotive electronics. We are committed to providing our partners with high-end ODM/JDM/OEM service models, including the research and development and manufacturing of switches, routers, wireless products, communication equipment components, automotive electronics, and other products.

        ODM(Original factory design and manufacturing):FLINES has efficient product development speed and competitive manufacturing efficiency. We provide comprehensive design and manufacturing services, from product concept stage to final mass production, providing you with the best one-stop solution to help you achieve unique and high-quality products.

        JDM(Collaborative design and manufacturing):As your trusted JDM partner, FLINES works closely with you to design and produce high-quality products. We ensure that our product design fully meets your requirements and expectations through continuous interactive communication and collaborative efforts.

        OEM(Original equipment manufacturing):If you have already determined the product design and specifications, FLINES provides you with professional OEM services and strictly produces according to your requirements.

        • Product Center MORE>>
          The company's main business is the research and development,production,and sales of network equipment and automotive electronics.The company's network equipment products are widely used in various fields such as operators,government,education, finance,energy,electricity,transportation, small and medium-sized enterprises,hospitals,and personal consumption markets.
        • Custom Development MORE>>
          The company has a nearly 300-person R&D team,and can fully meet customer customized needs from hardware scheme evaluation to hardware design and implementation.Product development capabilities cover data communication and vehicle communication products,including but not limited to park exchange,data center,industrial exchange,security gateway,wireless products,optical communication products,vehicle gateway,and vehicle domain control.
        • Intelligent Manufacturing MORE>>
          As a manufacturing service provider in the electronic information industry,the company has continuously built and improved IT systems and automated production lines,improved operational efficiency and intelligent management level,achieved visualization of manufacturing process information and product traceability.Ensuring high-quality,efficient,and flexible delivery requirements,meeting the diverse needs of customers and ensuring service quality.
        ABOUT US
        ShenZhen Phoenix Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in April 1999, specializing in the development of data communication technology and product research and development, manufacturing, and sales. The products cover Ethernet switches, routers, wir...
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